Welcome to Marijuana Anonymous Ireland

Meetings of Marijuana Anonymous Ireland (MA) began in April 2014. The fellowship was started in the USA in 1989.

For years, marijuana was thought to be non-addicting. If people got addicted it was either all in their imagination or because there was something really wrong with them. Perception of the drug had swung from the hysterical Reefer Madness mentality of the 1930s to the belief that it was totally innocuous.

For many of us the truth lies somewhere in between. As is the case with addiction to many other substances, marijuana addiction can be a slow process. Some users never cross from using to abusing to addiction. For those that did become addicts, there was very little help, let alone understanding. And so, because it was needed and its time had come, Marijuana Anonymous began.

What is MA?

We are a group of men and women who have lost the ability to control our marijuana use and have problems that relate directly or indirectly to marijuana.

We share experience, strength, and hope with each other so that we can recover from our addiction to marijuana, as well as help others to recover.

Our programme is adapted from the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

How can MA help me?

In MA, we know what it is like to lose control over marijuana and not be able to stop using, despite pleas from loved ones, and sincere promises we have made to ourselves and others.

Our only qualification for helping others is that we have stopped using ourselves. If we can do it, you can do it too!

It is the support that MA members offer each other that is the backbone of the programme’s success.

MA Meetings in Ireland

Marijuana Anonymous Ireland normally has one meeting a week held in Dublin.

Monday 8pm: Teach Mhuire, 38-39 Gardiner Street, Dublin 1.

As a result of the Covid-19 crisis, there are now three MA online meetings per week, via the meeting app Zoom.

Meetings take place on:  Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 8pm. If you are interested in attending our online meetings, please call 086 378 0003 to be added to our WhatsApp group chat.

Links to the Zoom meetings are posted to the WhatsApp group chat approximately one hour before each meeting.